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Enable custom configuration variables and templates per company

  1. Install the latest updates for UCM
  2. Manually edit the file includes/config.php and add this line of code at the bottom:
    define('COMPANY_UNIQUE_CONFIG', true);
  3. Create a new Company under Settings > Company
  4. Create a new User under Settings > User - this user will be the "administrator" of the new Company
  5. Ensure the new user has permissions to edit the configuration area 
  6. Ensure the new user is assigned a single company from the list on their user page.
  7. Ensure the new user permissions will only allow then to access a single company when logged in (eg: Company Access: Only companies I am assigned to in staff area)

To edit system variables per company:

  1. Login as the new user to the system
  2. Go to Settings > General and try changing the "system name" or something, save the configuration and make sure you can see the change on the dashboard.
  3. Logout and log back in as the old system wide administrator, the "system name" should still be the default from before.
  4. If the configuration is now different between the logged in super user and the new company login then everything worked and you should be right to change other configuration variables as well
To edit templates per company
  1. Go to Settings > Templates and choose the template you wish to edit (eg: invoice_print)
  2. In the drop down select the company who you wish to create this custom template for
  3. Make adjustments to the template and press save
  4. Go back to the Company invoice and press print PDF to see if the custom template is working.
  5. Go back to a different Company invoice and press print PDF to ensure that it still has the original non-custom template
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