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UCM was originally designed for Freelance Website Developers. So it made sense that each "Customer" would have a series of "Websites" linked to them. However now many different types of businesses are using UCM outside of the website design industry. Please see "renaming websites" below for instructions on changing "Websites" to something like "Projects".

A "Website/Project" sits underneath a "Customer". A Customer can have multiple "Websites/Projects" assigned to them. And in turn a single "Website/Project" can have multiple "Jobs/Quotes/Invoices" assigned to them. Think of "Websites/Projects" as a way to group your "Jobs/Quotes/Invoices" together. You do not have to use "Websites/Projects" when creating a Job/Quote/Invoice, you can just assign them to the parent Customer without selecting a Website/Project.

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  1. Go to Settings > Advanced
  2. Search for project_name_single and change it from Website to Project
  3. Search for project_name_plural and change it from Websites to Projects
  4. Search for project_display_url and change it from 1 to 0 (optional: this will hide the "URL" entry on the Website/Project page)
  5. Done
  1. Create a Customer in the UCM system 
  2. Create a Website and link it to this Customer
  3. After creating the Website, look on the left for the "more fields" button.
  4. Two empty boxes will appear when clicking this.
  5. On the left type in whatever you like (eg: Analytics Username)
  6. On the right type in whatever you like (eg:
  7. Save the customer
  8. Repeat this process for all extra fields needed to be added to the Website (eg: FTP Host, FTP login, MySQL details)
  9. To encrypt passwords using industry standard AES/RSA cryptography please click the little "lock"  icon that appears when hovering over the row. This will encrypt content client side so no sensitive information ever reaches the server. When decrypting a password (or other value) the system will log who decrypts it and when.