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Creating themes is a rather new feature to UCM, we're in the process of making it easier (especially making it easier to adjust global form/table layout styles).

Currently there is one theme available for purchase here:
And there are 4 basic themes that come with UCM Pro edition (check /includes/plugin_theme/themes/* )

If you would like to create a theme the best way is to copy the folder /includes/plugin_theme/themes/pro/ over to /includes/plugin_theme/themes/yourtheme/

Then edit the files within the yourtheme folder.

Basically you can copy any core UCM file into the theme folder, if the theme is selected then that file will be used instead of the core file.

Example: copy the core file /design_menu.php over to /includes/plugin_theme/themes/yourtheme/design_menu.php and make changes to this copied file. This file will be used instead of the default one.

Coming soon:

  • Themes will have their own 'plugin' folder, rather than going into /plugin_theme/themes/. This will allow automatic updates for individual themes.
  • Extra hooks and other features to make building themes easier.
  • Layout filters to change the HTML output of all forms and tables on the page.