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This page contains information about Support Tickets within UCM.

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Here are some instructions to setup the Support Ticket system. This assumes you have a few staff members and a few different support email addresses (e.g. and

  1. Install UCM
  2. Create a new empty support email address through your hosting provider. It is recommended to start with a new fresh empty email address with this support system. Importing heaps of emails from an existing email account can have problems.
  3. Send this new account a "test" email from your personal email account.
  4. Customer > Add New > create a new customer called "Other Support". This customer account will be used to group all the support tickets under for easier management.
  5. Settings > User Roles > Add New > call this user role "Staff" and choose "Staff Member" from the defaults and press save.
  6. Vendors > Add New > create a new vendor record called "Our Staff". Then click "Contacts" and add setup ticket staff members here. Enter their name and email address and choose the "Staff" role from the drop down list.
  7. Settings > Ticket > POP3/IMAP Accounts > Add New Account
  8. Fill in the account details for your new email account. Recommended to set the "Delete" option to "Yes". Set "Default Customer" to the newly created "Other Support" customer account. Set "Default Staff Member" to one of your previously created staff members.
  9. Press "Save & Test Search", the "test" email sent previously should display on the screen, if so, all good!
  10. Ensure the UCM Cron job is setup (if it isn't working there will be a notice on the dashboard).
  11. Wait for the UCM Cron job to run (e.g. every 10 minutes) and the ticket emails will appear under the "Ticket" section.
  12. Settings > Ticket > Ticket Settings > fill in the desired details, choose the "Default Customer" and "Default POP3/IMAP Account".
  13. Settings > Advanced > search for "ticket_auto_notify_staff" and change it from 0 to 1 this will send an email to the staff member every time a ticket is assigned to them, it will also send the "Ticket Notification" email to the staff member each time a new reply is posted by the customer.
  1. Enable captcha on the ticket submission web form:  go to Settings > Advanced and change "ticket_recaptcha" from 0 to 1
  2. Block new emails (ie: only allow ticket emails from existing UCM customers): go to Settings > Advanced and change "ticket_allow_new_from_email" from 1 to 0 . When enabling this option all NEW customers will have to submit their first support ticket via the website (ie: complete the captcha). After they have completed their first support ticket via the web form they will be able to reply and submit further support tickets via email. After enabling this feature please check Settings > Template and look for "ticket_rejection", this is the email that is sent to new users (or spammers) who have not completed the web form yet.
  • Edit the "ticket_autoreply" template from Settings > Templates to change the email that gets sent when a customer submits a support ticket
  • By default the autoreply is only sent when a support ticket is first opened. If you want the autoreply to be sent every single time change the advanced setting 'ticket_autoreply_every_message' to 1
  • To disable the autoreply completely please change the advanced setting "ticket_autoreply_enabled" to 0
  • You can disable the autoreply for individual users, it's a little bit tricky. If you get an email from the user then a user will created in the system with that email address. If you open up the ticket you should be able to click on the user name and open up the full user details page where you can see their name/email/etc..  -  once on this page look for the "add fields" button and add a new Ticket Settings field like this:
    ticket-settings-no-autoreplyNow whenever a ticket email is received in the system from this user no autoreply will be sent.