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Ultimate Client Manager allows you to create Suppliers along with Customers.

Basically: Customers pay you money. You pay Suppliers money.

To create a vendor/supplier please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Customer Types
  2. Create a new Customer Type called “Supplier”
  3. In the “Billing Type” drop down change it to “Supplier”
  4. You will see a new “Supplier” menu in the main menu
  5. Click this to create your suppliers (just like normal customers)

SUPPLIERS IS A BRAND NEW FEATURE: The finance side of suppliers has not been complete yet.

Suppliers can currently:

  • Be assigned to Products

Planned features for suppliers/vendors:

  • Generate an invoice/purchase order from a supplier
  • Record an expense paid to a supplier
  • Setup recurring supplier expenses (subscription)
  • Link staff members to a supplier