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This page contains information about Subscriptions within UCM.

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Go to Settings > Subscriptions and click Create New. Fill in the form and press Save.

Create a Customer then press Save. Tick the subscription and choose a starting date, like this:

and then press "Save" for the Customer. More options will appear (such as generating an invoice) after clicking Save.

Click on Settings > Subscriptions and then click on the Subscription. On the right hand side will be a list of Members and Customers who are assigned to that particular Subscription. It will show when they joined the subscription, how many invoices they have, how much they have paid and how much it outstanding. It will also show when their next Subscription renewal date will be. Example:

This is available under Finance > Subscription Report (in UCM Pro Edition)

It will allow you to select a date range and see a total of how many people are assigned to each subscription and how much income was generated between that date period.

Here are the new options you will find under Settings > Subscriptions:

When "Automatic Renew" is selected the Customer/Member Subscription will renew on the specified date and a new invoice will be generated for them.

When "Automatic Email" is also selected then any automatically generated subscription invoices will be emailed to the Customer/Member.

When the Administrator/Customer/Member logs into UCM they will see the subscription options and the next date the subscription will be renewed:

Hint: tick the "automatic overdue" option in Settings > Invoices in order for Subscription invoices to be automatically followed up with overdue notices.

We suggest you add the following text to the "invoice_email_due" template (see Settings > Templates) - this is the template that will be sent out when subscriptions are automatically renewed and invoices are created:

The {TOTAL_AMOUNT_DUE} is due on {DATE_DUE}.

The {SUBSCRIPTION_NAME} field will be filled in with the name (eg: Website Hosting) and the {INVOICE_DATE_RANGE} feild will be filled with the subscription time frame (eg: 1/1/2013 to 30/1/2013)

There is an option to include some Subscriptions on the Customer Signup form. You can include or remove these as you wish.

If you set the advanced setting subscription_send_invoice_straight_away to 1 (as below) then the subscription invoice can be automatically sent to the user straight away, as soon as the customer signs up. You can also include details about the selected Subscriptions within the customer welcome email. Go to Settings > Templates and edit the customer_signup_email_welcome template and add this information:

You have signed up to the Subscription: {SUBSCRIPTION_NAME}

Please click this link to view the Invoice for this Subscription: {SUBSCRIPTION_INVOICE}
(you will also receive a copy of this Invoice in a separate email)

When the email comes through it will contain the name(s) of the selected subscription(s) along with link(s) to the generated invoice(s).

Automatically Sending Subscription Invoice Straight Away: Normally you have to wait for the "cron" job to run to generate a PDF invoice and send it for the subscription (if that subscription has the automated option turned on). If you would like an invoice to be generated as soon as the subscription is assigned then go to Settings > Advanced and change subscription_send_invoice_straight_away from 0 to 1

Sending Subscription Invoices when previous invoice is still unpaid: By default UCM will not send a subscription invoice until the previous subscription invoice has been paid. If you would like to keep sending subscription invoices then go to Settings > Advanced and change invoice_auto_renew_only_paid_invoices from 1 to 0