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Products can easily be added to a Quote, Job or Invoice. If there is an item you are billing for regularly then add it to Settings > Products to save some time.

There is basic inventory management within Products. Details in this blog post:

Products can exist within a category, which makes grouping lots of products easy.

Products can be imported  via CSV file from an existing system. See the import button on Settings > Products.

The "Product" dropdown should appear as you start typing a product name on a Quote, Job or Invoice. It will autocomplete from the popular products. Alternatively just click the little "down arrow" to view a fill list of available products (grouped by category).

Low Stock Warning:

You can enable a low stock warning by entering the stock level value into the box on the settings page. When the stock reaches below this level an email will be sent to the administrator and a dashboard alert will display.

Product Suppliers:

Read more about suppliers on the suppliers page. You can create and assign a supplier to a product.