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The UCM Help System provides easy access to a centrally updated and constantly improving documentation system so you can get the best out of your CRM.

The Help system can be accessed from any page of UCM by clicking the "help" icon (usually at the top right, or in the left sidebar). A popup will appear showing help topics for the current page you are viewing.

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By default only the Super Administrator (i.e. the very first account created in UCM) can see the help menu.

Sometimes you might not want certain users to gain access to the help system, or it might be irrelevant for some users to see the help menu (for example, a Customer who is just logging in to pay an invoice doesn't need access to the entire help archive).

Also because the help system is hosted centraller here on Ultimate Client Manager, some end users may see the UCM branding and be confused.

If you would like all users to have access to the help menu go to Settings > Help and change the option there. You will then have to give individual "Help" access in Settings > User Roles for those people who you wish to see the help menu.

Go to Settings > Advanced and change plugin_enabled_help from 1 to 0

This will disable help for everyone, even Super Admin