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We now support drag and drop file upload:

Simply go to the normal File > Add page and drag your files (or a folder) across, it will turn green like this:

(hint: make sure file_upload_old is 0 in advanced settings)

You can upload multiple files at once, handy if a Job has a lot of files

Simply select multiple files like this:

Click “Save File” and it will upload them all at once, like this:

Click the little checkbox and then click "bulk actions" for the option to remove files.

The new file upload method shows a progress bar, sometimes this method doesn't work (eg: old browser, hosting account settings). To change back to the old "normal" file upload method (without a progress bar) please go to Settings > Advanced and change "file_upload_old" from 0 to 1

When a file is uploaded to the main "Files" area (or the "Files" area under a "Customer") an email alert is sent out to certain people.

To control who receives these file upload alerts please tick the "Receive File Upload Alerts" box in the users role (Settings > User Roles).

If a "Customer Contact" has been given this User Role then they will only receive notifications when files are uploaded within their Customer account (not other Customers).

If a "System User" has been given this User Role then they will receive notifications for all file uploads through the system, no matter what Customer the file has been uploaded to.

The email which is sent to the users is controlled from Settings > Templates > "file_upload_alert_email"

Note: at the moment file upload alerts are NOT sent to the main Administrator account (user ID #1) because this user cannot have a "User Role". Please create a secondary administrator account and choose the "Receive File Upload Alerts" option from User Roles if you wish to receive alerts as well.

If the advanced setting "file_upload_alerts" is set to 1 then any file alert emails (as above) will also show on the users dashboard when they login. The alerts will stay on the dashboard until the user views the file.

File Comment Alerts work in the same way as File Upload Alerts above. If a new comment is posted on a File then everyone with the 'Receive File Comment Alerts' permission (in Settings > User Roles) will receive an email with the comment. The email which is sent out to users is controlled from Settings > Templates > file_comment_alert_email