Extra Fields

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Extra fields allow you to store basic additional information through out the system. Fields can be displayed in the main listing and in some areas you can even search based on these values.

Extra Field Types

Under Settings > Extra Fields you can choose the type of extra field. This defaults to a text box so you can type whatever you like. The other options are:

  • Text
  • Date
  • Text Area
  • WYSIWYG rich text editor
  • Check box
  • Dropdown / Select box
    • In the box below set the available attributes like this:
    • Or you can set the attributes to a hook like this.
  • File Upload
  • Reference:
    • Set the reference settings to something like:
      This will pull in the associated detail from the linked customer entry.
  • Ajax Lookup:
    • Some possible values for this are:
    • customer|customer_name
      This will allow an ajax search based on customer name
    • invoice|name
      This will allow an ajax search based on invoice number
    • data|{data_type_id}|{data_field_id}
      This will allow ajax search of a custom data entry. Please go to Settings > Custom Data and then edit a custom data field. You will see the “Extra Lookup” value here that you can use to search (e.g. data|72|4 )