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This is a new feature for UCM Pro edition. Check out the blog post here for some information:

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To create drop downs with Customer, Contact, Website or Job data listings please create a "Select" element and in the data box add


there is also these available hooks:

  • attributes=hook:job_list
  • attributes=hook:website_list
  • attributes=hook:contact_list
  • attributes=hook:staff_list

Here's a quick example showing all available field types:


and this is what it looks like in the main listing:


Using a subquery you're able to get the most recent values of a particular field ID like this:

SELECT dr.data_record_id, ds.data_text, ds.data_store_id FROM `ucm_data_record` dr LEFT JOIN `ucm_data_store` ds ON dr.data_record_id = ds.data_record_id WHERE ds.`data_field_id` = 76 order by data_store_id DESC 
) AS t1 GROUP BY data_record_id