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View a video of how the Change Request feature works

The Change Request feature allows customers to “click & point” on any part of their website and request a change (eg: make the logo bigger). Change Requests appear within UCM for tracking and billing.

You can restrict customers to a certain number of changes per week or month, or an unlimited number of changes (handy if you have the customer on a monthly web management plan).

To setup Change Request on a Customers website please follow these intructions

  1. Create a Customer record in UCM
  2. Create a Website record under the Customer
  3. Scroll down to the "Change Request" section and choose enable:
  4. Copy the "Website Code" and paste it in the <head></head> tag on every page of your clients website (similar to Google Analtyics code).
  5. Right click and copy the "Request Change Link" URL
  6. Email this link to your Customer.
  7. The Customer can click this link and they will now be able to request changes on their website.

Here is a quick video showing how to use the Change Request plugin:

The change request plugin also works with jQuery 1.9, as demonstrated in this quick video:

Email notifications are sent to all users who have the "edit" permission on Change Requests in "User Roles". Only administrators should have this permission (customers should never have this permission enabled, it may cause problems like notifying other customers about website changes).