UCM has great Newsletter features, that could be sent to Customers or Newsletter subsciptors.

To Add some or all of your customers to a newsletter list, you must :

  1. Go to your customers list and select a customer
  2. Create a group on the top right area by naming a group with the name of your choice and assing your customer to the group, then save modifications
  3. Go back to your main client list
  4. If you need to, use the filters to select some of your customers
  5. On  the top right section, right under the "Search" and "Reset"  Button this sentence is displayed :"Showing records 1 to 20 of 115 (group) (export) "
  6. Group and Export are Buttons !
  7. Click on group will make appear available group(s)
  8. Select the group you want to assign to your customers
  9. Click the "Add to group" button
  10. You're done

When going to the Newsletter area, your group now appears, just select it  and all your customers will recieve the current newsletter.

Thanks For DTBaker for his kind support, hope it will help a growing community.

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  1. Create a newsletter
  2. Click the 'Add New' button under 'Images' on the right as per this screenshot:
  3. Then click the image and it will be inserted into the newsletter