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How to make a backup:

Go to Settings > Backup and follow the prompts. When the backup is completed please download a copy of all the files and keep them in a very secure location. These files will contain all your CRM information.

How to restore a backup:

  1. Unzip the files into an empty folder on your computer.
  2. Upload these files to an empty folder on your web hosting provider using FTP
  3. Create a new MySQL database on the hosting provider (e.g. through cPanel, your provider can help).
  4. Open phpMyAdmin (from cPanel) and import the backup SQL file from your computer
  5. Edit the file includes/config.php on your hosting provider to reference the new database connection details

If you have trouble restoring from a backup please ask the hosting provider if they can assist. A hosting provider can generally restore a system from a provided ZIP file quick quickly as they know how their hosting system works.


If the backup doesn’t work try one of these:

  • Check how much disk space is available on the hosting account (ask the hosting provider if you are unsure). The full UCM backup can be hundreds of megabytes. Try deleting old backups to free up space.
  • If the database backup fails, go to Settings > Advanced and change ‘backup_gz’ from 1 to 0 and try again.