Free UCM Licence Purchase Code

Here is a UCM licence code that can be used for testing the installer:


Please be aware of anything free related to UCM on other websites, especially other free downloads. There has been some crafty backdoor code added to some free “UCM” copies in the past. This code will allow the UCM item to be installed but the hacker will have access to everything your put into the system (invoices, customer passwords, customer details, email addresses, etc..). If you have installed UCM from somewhere other than CodeCanyon we highly¬†recommend you remove all¬†files (including files which may appear hidden, eg .htaccess files) and install a fresh copy of UCM in a fresh folder and database.

Licence codes are only allowed to be used once, so unfortunately there is no such thing as a free licence code. A licence code will grant you access to free updates forever.

To receive your licence code please purchase a (very cheap!) copy of UCM from CodeCanyon available here:

All purchases go towards continued development of UCM.

Thank you!

dtbakerFree UCM Licence Purchase Code