Wrong links - 404 - no stylesheets

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I’ve installed UCM and everything went good, but now that it’s intalled, it seems that the script didn’t add the folder it’s installed in so no link are working, and same with the css.

I’ve tried the Links do not work – getting 404 error, but it’s already set to False. I tired putting True, but it didn’t help.

which hosting provider you use ?

do they gave u imap ?

I’m using Hostpapa.

Yes, I do have access to imap.


Please try going to Settings > System Settings and make sure the “Base URL” and “URL” settings are correct.


Thanks, that was the problem.


Quick side note, the problem occurs only when i’m installing it using install.php . The slower method works fine.

Thanks for your help

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll test the single install.php file a few more times to try locate the issue.

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dezabWrong links – 404 – no stylesheets