WHMCS AutoAuth UCM integration

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It would be great to have in the source code the integration for WHMCS’ auto auth, that way if we are using that platform for hosting/domain management, the UCM users would be automatically logged into the WHMCS system.

The integration for this seems fairly easy, and can be done manually. However, it would be a pain manually, as it seems that the code would be rewritten with updates – which is why I would love to see a system-wide integration.

Details for the script that need to be included are found here:

My guess is that since UCM is written mainly for webdesigners, there might be a good amount of us using WHMCS for our domains and hosting.

On the backend, we could have an “advanced settings” entry to enable/disable the auto auth (“0” or “1”) and to supply our own unique value for the autokey (whatever we type in becomes the string used for $autoauthkey = “abcXYZ123”;).

I just realized that I didn’t add anything for the code link to show – here is the link for the script to enable Autoauth (it would just need to be added to UCM’s code).


Would this be a new menu button on the left menu, like “WHMCS” ?

Here you go, this (free) plugin adds the WHCMS link to the main menu and a WHCMS settings page (where you can set the URL / auth key / etc.)


Thank you so much!
I did install it (and added the autokey into my configuration file for WHMCS) but the link seems only to take them to the login area – not actually log them in (I am not sure if that is on the UCM side or the WHMCS side).

Also, I did find one small correction – the menu link, settings link, and description you list it as “WHCMS” instead of “WHMCS”, even though the plugin is correctly named “whmcs”.

I was planning to change the menu link to something like “Hosting Login” but I wonder if that would actually cause a problem if I replace all the “WHMCS” cases with “Hosting Login” since it would also effect the other areas? Is there a way to add a setting to change only the main menu link title? (maybe even add an icon)?

Thank you so much!

actually noticed in the code (and in the plug in name) “whcms” is used a lot instead of the correct “whmcs”. I did a find and replace all and replaced all the instances, reuploaded it, but now it doesn’t install.

Alrighty – I did get it working (I forgot to rename the actual plugin folder).

Here is a link to the updated code (I also changed the menu link in the code so it would be “Hosting Login” – I will probably also adapt it so that it will open it in a new window (so they don’t leave UCM). But I thought this would be helpful.

Thank you so much!

Updated WHMCS Plugin

where i dowload the modul for whmcs?

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