Where to translate embedded ticket Form ?

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Hi David,

Despite my French translation, the ticket embedded form is still in english such as :

Your Details / your Name / department

reply between 2 an 5 days etc..

Where to translate all those datas ?

Of course as ususal i will share all my translations with you!

Keep up you great work !




In Settings> Advanced see if there is a ‘default_language’ that you can change to ‘fr’


But it does not translate all fields.

Your details / Names etc .. remains in English.

I checked in language file and all missing translation are missing too in the language File.

I think it may need an update with those (hope that helps) :

Your details

Your Name

Your Email

Product details

Please select which product you are enquiring about

Your Message

Please fill out as many of the below fields as possible:
Ticket Information
2nd out of 2 other support tickets


We will reply between 2 and 5 days



Missing fields on translations, add to your language .php and fill.

‘Your Name’ => ”,
‘Your Email’ => ”,
‘Your Details’ => ”,
‘Product Details’ => ”,
‘Please select which product you are enquiring about’ => ”,
‘Your Message’ => ”,
‘Attachment’ => ”,
‘Spam Protection’ => ”,
‘* required fields’ => ”,
‘Submit Ticket’ => ”,
‘Sorry the captcha code you entered was incorrect. Please try again.’ => ”,
‘Me:’ => ”,
‘Assigned User’ => ”,
‘Ticket Information’ => ”;
‘Reply’ => ”;
‘We will reply between %s and %s days’ => ”;

Add too for templates, thanks:

‘Previous Weeks’ => ‘ ‘,
‘Last Week’ => ‘ ‘,
‘This Week’ => ‘ ‘,

Thanks Diego, Thanks David,

Will add them manually and send you the new french translation file by email.


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UCM-TEVOWhere to translate embedded ticket Form ?