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every website have pages and posts. it will be great to have some entity (it can be based on “Custom Data” for example)that will be integrated to website entity and gives us the ability to create all the pages and the posts that we have in our live website.

every page or post will be created from the fields we need (for example: title, body text + pictures, seo title, seo description, keywords, links – separate entity to manage all links that link to our page/post).

this will be very useful to make full website is some page or posts will be removed or if want to add new page or post than when we will ad new “page or post” it will

also it will be were useful for seo services. we can create to every page or post keywords , title and description that we use for our seo strategy, also if we could manage there links that we create for page or post. that way we could manage all the website from one place.

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