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As I build a lot of websites and web apps as well as deal with cloud storage I would like for UCM to incorporate a website/service uptime monitor. I understand this won’t work with sites that are hosted on the same server as UCM and don’t have a problem with that. But this has potential for another revenue stream for users of the UCM.

What I would like to see:
– set the time interval when the ping is sent to the page for each entry separately
– Ability to ping https as well
– Auto generate a ticket specific to that customer if a trouble is present (for the IT service companies who use UCM)
– Set the number of failed attempts before a ticket is created
– Set time frames where the site is not pinged ie ability to set maintenence times monday – friday from 1AM to 6AM when the site is being worked on pings are not reported.
– A Red, Yellow or Green icon on a information landing page that would indicate if the site has stopped responding, slow response times or fast
– Ability to set each of these red, yellow and green triggers. Like 50-100ms is yellow etc
– date Time stamps of when the site went unresponsive to when it came back online with a minute calculation on the duration of the outage.
– Email to the client or technician when the site did not return a ping and when the site did. ie email stating “Site has not responded to our request, we will continue to monitor, no further emails will be sent until the server has recovered”. So if it pings every 5 minutes it only sends one initial email, after 3 attempts or however its set to, a ticket is generated, tech is notified just like they are today when a ticket is created, and a final email when the site has been restored.
– Reporting at a glance
– client access so they can see the history of their site or the ability to send reports to them.

This would be a very good start with the intention of adding on if popularity grows.


It would make more sense to integrate an uptime monitor service such as That would take a lot of load off of your own servers. They have an API that could be used.

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