Website UPLOAD csv file errors

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DTB! Web Sites csv uploading
same problems as experienced with products

there are errors in importing csv files using the template,
first off there are no GROUPS assigned so you get an error there,

you also get a error message in RED of bad use of _get() ??? so something is going wrong there!!!!

it doesnt import all your data, as its missing things out on Website status!!! I have used the following:: to cover::

client = Test
Website Name | Website status
fred………..|…. Live
fred………..|…. domain pointer
fred………..|…. ftp

OK the csv reads in the client name, but FAILS to read in domain pointer, ftp etc???? is this why we get a bad use of _get() error???

FINALLY, and its a BIG ONE

Can we have a MULTI-DELETE facitity on this service as well!!

also, consideration for different types of WEBSITES for clients

we have websites, but also domain pointers, holding domains, and ftp accounts for clients. But you only have websites as a category…

so I have been trying to LABEL LIVE websites from domoain pointers or domains that re held for a client

can you have a LOOK at this???

with thanks in advance

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madesignUKWebsite UPLOAD csv file errors