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I am not sure if I am the only one experiencing issues with this feature but I will explain below:

I believe there is a problem with SOME sites that have javascript on them and the change request feature.

1) We can install the code without issue and the process works for adding the requests.

2)From here, when we add them to a job it adds the task to the job successfully, but doesn’t link it to the job name in the change request list. It just stays as incomplete (even when the task is marked as complete)

3)It allows you to keep adding the change request to jobs but not linking in the change request view.

4) Clicking the “view” button for the request doesn’t display the change request.

Please note, about 50% of our sites (40 added so far) have had this issue. Others work fine with linking to a job.

I am going to assume this isn’t a known issue?

I will try making a ticket and post a response if it turns out it is a known issue.

If you go to the “view” link (if it works) and mark it as complete there, this marks it as complete and removes it from the change request list.

I am not sure if this is the only intended way of making this work but something I discovered and may be of help to others.

FYI I love this app!!

Marking them as complete view the “view ” link seems to email out a change request email as if it is a new request. This is a problem I believe?

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