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This is by far the best script I have come across. Been using it for my buaineas since the beginning and it has come a long way. Theres lots of awesome feature ideas that people post too so i am excited to see the future of this.

I dont know about anybody else but i get excited when i see the UCM newsletter in my email and get to see the latest improvements. DTBaker you are doing an awesome job and support/updates has been pretty good for a 1 man team. For the work you put into this im sure you could use some extra money to pay for your time so iafter your poat where you told about the updates and fixes you hAve planned i thought maybe that would be a way to earn extra. Theres some features that are planned for later on but what about a pay to vote option on your site so people can look at your plans and if some want A feature sooner then they can pay to move it up in the list.maybe like 1$/vote and you csn vote however many times you want..features are developed on the order of highest votes to would take some thinking to do this right but its a way to help u earn extra and to get the community to oush what uodates they want first. Im aure lots of ppl would be willing to pay which is basically to help u out.

Sry bout all the messed up spelling, i posted ftom my cell.


Yes we plan to create a better feature voting / progress update so everyone can see what new features are getting created.

In the next newsletter I will include more details 🙂


I noticed lastnight 🙂 Good job, looks great. Im sure this will help you bring in some extra revenue. Good luck.

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