Using UCM with book keeping apps (or even book keeping in UCM?)

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Currently we use UCM for all billable work, invoicing etc.

The one thing we don’t use is Finance – we instead go through a s**t storm every financial year end as everything gets thrown at Quickbooks in a scramble.

I want to get as much in UCM as possible as I like everything unified, but my bean counter “needs” bank account reconciliation which UCM cannot do.

I’m interested in knowing how other UCM users have addressed this problem, and how you guys have your book keeping set up.

I would love to ditch Quickbooks for good as it’s aweful software.

right now I use both (as well as NEAT Software/scanner to keep all my receipts for expenses). I would LOVE! to ditch all that and just use UCM…you should list this under feature requests and see if we cant get people in the UCM community to vote on it and fund it 🙂

I have limited book keeping / reconciliation / quick books / etc experience. A basic reconciliation feature might be possible, however I do not think ucm will become a replacement accounting package any time soon. Best to get as many screenshots for feature request mockups as possible. Starting with basic additions and slowly adding more complex features.

I agree with dtbaker! Trying to make UCM into a full-blown accounting package is a FULL TIME JOB by itself and I think UCM doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel when there are so many accounting packages out there who do a perfect job at accounting.

When I was a programmer for one of the popular accounting packages, it was a full-time job and I only worked on the Order Entry, Inventory modules. A Full Blown accounting package has many modules from General Ledger, Inventory, Payroll, Taxes (Sales & Income), Account Receivable, Accounts Payable, etc, etc, etc.

On the other hand, It wouldn’t be very hard to write a Custom QuickBooks integration module. If you need help with this I have a team of Progammers who are familiar with the UCM framework and could help you out with the development.

A Quickbooks integration module would be a great 3rd party plugin 🙂

While some simpler upgrades to the finance module could be helpful and provide a couple more (but overwhelming) features.

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slidsterUsing UCM with book keeping apps (or even book keeping in UCM?)