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Can anybody help me out here. I am looking for where to allow customers to edit their Profile. Im not sure which to change in user roles. Have looked through most of it but no luck.. Thanks

Under Settings/User Roles and “Customer” Role (or whichever one you have created that you want to grant that permission), do you have “Edit” checked for “Users” (under “config” category) and “User” (under “users” category)?

Thanks for the response. I dont have anything checked under Users.. Here is my settings take a look..

This is the first time playing with my user roles so still trying to get it setup for customer access

Try checking “Edit” under the config/Users (9th line down) that should work.

Still doesnt work for some reason. I am thinking a bug in the system. Does this work for you on your system?

Hmm, I tried it on my test account and it works fine. What theme are you using? I am using AdminLTE.

Below are my User Role Settings in case you want to compare (I have a few additional plugins that are listed, but that doesn’t effect the User/Customer Profile).

I hope this helps!

Ok I have just gone ahead and copied your permission setup and it works. I will adjust from there. Thanks so much I appreciate you posting that. I see you have a bunch of new things under data and you have me wondering lol.. Would you mind showing what mods you have done? Im always looking for an update. Maybe we can help eachother out with some things.

if you have skype send me a msg: devsmi2012

No prob – I would be happy to skype with you at some point ( I am about to go out of town for a week so a little packed at the moment). A couple of Custom Data Mods I have done:

Call Log: area to list calls I have gotten from Clients, what it was about, and what the follow ups are.

Site Saver Contracts/Activity: This is for the backup service that I offer – I actually then have a restore form that is connected to the UCM database tied in on my website so it pulls info from the UCM database.

MySQL databases: An area for me to list the login info of all the MySQL databases I use.

Code Snippets: An area for me to list my frequently used code snippets.

I also bought the Advanced ToDo, reports, and Domain Manager from WebNPro (available at Code Canyon).

I hope this helps!

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