urgently! lead create process customization

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Hi david,
how can we add new field at the lead create process?
today all the fields in the lead creation process are hard coded! and this make the process very hard for working.

i want to add couple fields to “Lead Information”
1. created by
2. created date
3. website (url field)
4. follow up (date field)

all the fields i need to show at the “lead list” so the sales person dont need to enter every lead.

and to hide “address section” and “Subscriptions & Payments” at the create process.

* also i want to change which fields is must to file and and which not.

just tell me what file to edit and give me example to make it working.

i know you plan to do this dynamic but i need this urgently!!! and i think many other UCM users will make some customization until you will make this dynamically.


3 days and not any replay!!! shame! where is the minimum support?
Sorry but in this way impossible to run a business! If you have no time, hire someone that will have time to give service and support to all customers who buy your products.

Just click “more fields” when creating the lead:

Then Settings > Extra Fields and change the visibility…

… so that the value appears in the main Customer/Lead listing:

Hi david,
Thanks for your reply.

1. this will help! but can you add to all entities by default to have “must have fields” like created by, created date?

i think every record that created in the system must have by default created by and created date this will help you to know who create the record and when it was created.

2. you did not mention on my question about “date” and “select” field for “follow up date” and “lead status” this is something the hard to do as hard coded until it will be dynamically in ucm?

Thanks for your help!

After creating a Lead, add a Note to the Lead and tick the “Reminder” option.

This will allow you to set a follow up date in the future. When the date comes around the reminder will display on the dashboard as well.

ok “note” can work like workaround same time as “follow up”

david, can you tell me if you plan soon to add the ability to add “custom data” into lead page for custom field with more options like all the fields that “custom data” have.
because if not, i need some solution for “drop down menu” field

couple things i have notice.

1. when you create new custom field in lead, and check this field to be “Visibility” the sortable options(in the lead list) not working on all the “custom field”. can you add the sortable option to all custom field as well?

2. when you create some custom fields in lead, why you still need every time you enter to some lead click on ” more fields »” to see all this fields? many users dont know that! i think when you create new “custom fields” it need to be shown as all other fields and not to hide until you click on “more fields »”

3. can you make options (customizations) split for leads and spilt for customers? there are couple things that we want to add to leads but dont need this when the lead will moved to customer. like: “custom data”, “custom fields” show/hide hardcoded fields and etc…

4. make lead/customer “disable” and move to “archive” until next time (maybe in sometime the lead will be relevant, so there is be some option to make lead activate one more time)


Hi david,
i write couple things i have noticed before.
1-4 can you see if you can help with this?

Please change the advanced field hide_extra from 1 to 0

This should show the extra fields by default.

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