Upcoming Payments link not working

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This was working before but when I click on upcoming payments link within the Finance module, the browser goes on and on loading only to end up with a blank white screen.

It seems as if there is not table to run the query on? For some reason I thought that repairing a table would solve the problem? but I am just guessing… Appreciate your help

Do you have lots of invoices / invoice payments in the system?

There might be an issue with lots of data in the system making this page load slowly, I’m having a look into it now to find out where the issue may be.

Not at the moment… However, I am still testing out how the system works and have created like 6 auto renewable invoices and subscriptions that subsequently created “many” invoices in the Upcoming Payments.

I’ve deleted the original Invoices and the subscriptions but the issue appeared after that.


I loaded in a heap of testing subscriptions and found the issue.

Please grab the latest update from Settings > Upgrade and everything should run much faster 🙂

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limestechUpcoming Payments link not working