Unable to add a new plugin page to be displayed within the system

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I have tried to create a new menu element as mention in this link http://dtbaker.net/admin/ext.php?m=faq&h=public&i=52&hash=50395926ceb58a17015e25100fde3aec&
The menu elemnt is added,but as mentioned in this i have added a page in plugin_custom_link/pages/yourpage.php (i am using ?p=yourpage).I am looking to embed another link within the system (by clicking on that menu item),in yourpage.php i have added this code to embed my link
<?php echo ‘<iframe src=” https://abc.com/&#8221; width=”100%” height=”80%” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”auto”></iframe>’;
when i clickon the menu “Main Menu Link” it just shows the following link(within the current page) not any thing other than that.


If you want to have the file in /includes/plugin_custom_link/pages/ you could try creating a link like this: http://mywebsite.com/crm/?m=custom_link&p=yourpage

Or if that doesn’t work, move the yourpage.php file to the main ‘/pages/’ directory in the main UCM folder ( not within /includes/plugin_custom_link/pages/ )

Good luck!

Thanks a lot both works 🙂 i spend a day searching for this…
A small clarification, the menu element appears not selected, but the embeded page appears fine.

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amalUnable to add a new plugin page to be displayed within the system