ucm pro sending ticket update emails when a ticket is deleted

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Any idea how to stop it from doing this?

Some people send in a stupid ticket which I want to ignore so I delete it, then it sends them an email saying the ticket has been updated, doesnt give any more details than that, and shows the original ticket details and our automated system reply which was already sent out.


The same problem

Any idea?

None. And I get the impression that these forum are seriously neglected by the developer dtbaker.

I have asked the topics to be deleted as they were misposted but they are still there.

Ive asked multiple questions that have had no reply.

I wish I had looked for another CRM solution for us.

What sort of email is sent when the ticket is removed?

I’ve tried multiple times clicking the delete button but have not received any notification via email. Please send through more details and examples. If you need to send through an email support ticket with login details so we can try it out in your system then please feel free to do that as well.

8.25 last night sent test email (16 hrs ago)
8.25 Auto reply came back (16 hrs ago)
Now I delete ticket from in CRM (no reply to it etc, just click red delete button)
and I get another automated reply (2 mins ago)

Admin also gets a notification saying “support ticket updated” which has a copy of the original sent message (hi there. hows things?)!

AA 8:25 PM (16 hours ago)
hi there. hows things?

———————————-AUTO REPLY
Our Company 8:30 PM (16 hours ago)
—– (Please reply above this line) —– Your ticket has been updated, plea…

Our Company 1:15 PM (2 minutes ago)

to me
—– (Please reply above this line) —–
Your ticket has been updated, please see the message below:

This is confirmation that your message has been received by our system.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please be patient, we are currently receiving a lot of messages.

Thank you.

Not only that but it somehow reopens the ticket…!

I will do another example after deleting all the tickets from this test user.

Not resolved. Why it changed to resolved I do not know!

Your forum is broken. Or did you set it to resolved? It certainly hasn’t been!

Once again this is another example that makes me think the forum is neglected. DTbaker you should pay somebody who is good at PHP for a few hours each week to try and help troubleshoot issues! (and moderate the forum)

It’s like we are being ignored around here. I know you say to open a support ticket but most issues are best dealt with on the forum so other people who are searching the forum and googling for “issue such and such with ucm pro” can find a fix, or bounce ideas off one another and maybe work out a fix.

Please post a screenshot of the ticket pop3/IMAP account settings page

I realised a workaround for now is to “cancel” tickets instead of deleting them so this isn’t a big deal for me any longer. Changing status and saving doesn’t seem to send notifications so this is good!


Change the delete option to yes. If ucm doesn’t delete the ticket emails from your inbox after importing them then it will continue to import them. That’s why tickets are reopened after deleting

OK thank you.

I still think you need a hand around here!


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