UCM Pro – new install or updgrade? clarify upgrade path from lite to pro.

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I’ve read all the FAQ, and post, that seemed to touch on this, but before I install UCM Pro, can anyone give me a better idea of what will happen to my old data.

the installation process mentions placing the install.php file into an empty folder on my server.  did that.

The instructions are not clear if it needed to be in a particular relative location to the exsiting UCM Lite installation.

I have done full backups of the files, and the old database, but it’s not clear if the UCM Pro installation will overwrite the old files or mysql database? There was mention in the forum/help on creating a file to exclude specific files I may have altered, such as CSS files.

Will my old data be ported over? Lost?

When running the installation, and I’m prompted for the database connection details, should I give it the details of the old Lite version, or create a new database entirely, and trust that data will be ported to the new instance.

I cannot risk losing my old data, and I need to know how the old account data, etc., will be retained.

This is too important not to ask about.


Al Pieroway

webmaster ip-drafting.com

Hi Al,

To upgrade from Lite to Pro there is no need to install the system again in a new directory.

The upgrade process from Lite to Pro is handled automatically, no data or files are removed.

To upgrade simply login to your existing Lite installation, go to Settings > Upgrade, REMOVE the existing Lite purchase code and replace it with the new Pro purchase code.

Click upgrade and it will convert your Lite installation into Pro.

If you receive an error or it “times out” please just tick 2 or 3 items at a time in the upgrade window, and repeat the upgrade process until all the entries are upgraded.

Send through a email support ticket if you run into issues.


Thanks. That took care of the upgrade, but I see a warning regarding multiple uses of the single use lincense.

It is picking up on the new /ucmpro folder I had started the new install path upgrade.  I only went as far as getting the files, but didn’t give it a DB connection in step 2 before I posted here.

I’ve deleted the /ucmpro folder, leaving my original upgraded /ucm folder.

How can I reset this warning, to remove it?

One other question… With the lite version I had keys for all the extra modules we purchased.

Can I, or do I, need to delete them from the upgrade screen list?



Licence Warning:
The automated upgrade system has detected this single-use licence has been used on multiple installations: ip-drafting.com/ucmpro/, ip-drafting.com/ucm/. Please purchase a new Standard Licence for each separate installation of the UCM system.

If you have recently moved hosting accounts or changed folder names please wait a couple of days before using the automated update system again or simply contact us and we can assist. Thank you for supporting this software!


Yes please delete all the other keys from the upgrade window. The only one required is UCM Pro.

If you have the whitelabel theme ( http://themeforest.net/item/ucm-theme-white-label/4120556 ) then that code is also required. But if you don’t have whitelabel then the only code required is UCM Pro.

Please send in a quick email support ticket and we can fix up that ucmpro/ ucm/ folder issue: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/support-ticket/


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alan.pierowayUCM Pro – new install or updgrade? clarify upgrade path from lite to pro.