UCM Calendar: "Sorry, could not load your data, please try again later"

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I’ve installed the latest UCM updates and the new calendar now appears in the system BUT It will not hold or load events. The calendar is blank and I am unable to add to it. In the upper right of the screen I get the red “loading” message and then “Sorry, could not load your data, please try again later”. Is there some additional setup that I am missing? I checked out the Demo calendar on your website and It behaves the same and displays the error message as well. I am Psyched that there is now a calendar system integrated into UCM and am anxious to start using it, any help or advise you may be able to give on how to get it working would be greatly appreciated! Thank You 😀 ~ Christopher Hayes

I have the same problem

Try the latest update, this bug has been resolved. Thanks!


no more error messages but if I try to add an event, it doesn’t work.

Only works if I click on the line and then add event, but if I click on “new event” at the top, I add the event but it doesn’t show on the calendar.

Also, the popup is broken

thanks for all your help!

Thanks we’ll sort out that “new event” button issue asap. If you can provide a screenshot of the popup that is broken we can also look into that. Thans, dtbaker

Please try the latest update. If calendar is selected in the update list please tick it manually.

Tested and working on the demo: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/demo/calendar.calendar_admin/

The issue here with the calendar was “pretty urls” (ie: the calendar.calendar_admin part)

I have followed these instructions and still get the error.

I have the latest update but the calendar doesn’t work:
Sorry, could not load your data.

Any info on this?

Please send in a support ticket if Calendar is not working. We can investigate by logging into your system and trying from here. Please test different browsers (eg: Google Chrome) and also test the live demo ( http://ultimateclientmanager.com/demo/calendar.calendar_admin/ ) to make sure it isn’t a problem with the computer.

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epoxyresinUCM Calendar: "Sorry, could not load your data, please try again later"