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Hello, I have 2 questions. I’m using UCM Lite.

1. I have a staff member named ‘X’. He has to reply to all tickets from Tech Department. How can I assign to this staff member all tickets opened to this specific department I have created?

2. I’ve set my email in the ticket settings so system should notice me everytime new tickets are created.. It’s not working and I not receive any emails.. Why?

Thank you in advance!

Hi there.

your first question :
1. Go to Settings
2. Enter the ticket section
3. define your settings foryour email account
4. define your staff here :
5. Enjoy

your second question ..Hum, check if test email works properly in settings => email section / click on send a test email.

if you do not receive anything, your settings somewhere are probably wrong.

Hope that helps,
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Ehi boucharima thanks for your reply!

This is what I have on my Ticket Settings:

I’ve not any of that settings you attached me in your screenshot.

In tickets settings, pop account :

Maybe you need to create one pop account first in the same page

Long life to Zidane and torino ahahahhaha 😀


I don’t have that POP settings.. =/ Is it possible?

ahahah sure I’ll say hello to them for you! 😀

hum are you connected with super admin rights ? of course you must have if so !

larger screenshot again :

Sure! I’m with my super admin user. Logged in.

I have not Bulk Actions and POP settings in my tabs…

Can I please create a User Test for you so you can help me?

Thank you in advance!

I am just a user here trying to help, not the support team 🙂

did you create a special super admin account, or using another one ?
=> check your user role and tickets rights are all ticked


Imap/pop3 feature for ucm lite is available here:


Thank you! With this plugin I should resolve the problem I asked in my first post of this topic?

Oh i assumed you had the pro version !
yes you will 🙂

Definitely consider upgrading to the pro version.

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