tickets always assigned to admin.

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Hi David, I’m pulling my hair on this for hours.

1. When customers creates a ticket using the embedded ticket form, it seems that the default assigned staff is always the admin even if in the customer area there is another default assigned staff.

User permission can view edit and create tickets, and can edit jobs.

2. It seems impossible to use an Alias email for all tickets notification ?, they are all sent with default email adress ?

Your help would be much much appreciated, i’m about to throw my computer on the wall. 🙂



Sure I’ll fix this up tomorrow.

If you could send step by step like :

  1. Click this
  2. What it does now and what it should do 
  3. Click that
  4. What it does now and what it should do
  5. Etc…

That will greatly speed up how long it will take to resolve

Thanks David, here is my process :

1. 2 different user roles

=> Admin ( for ex)

=> Customer care (

2.  Assign all customers “customer care” as staff

3. Create embedded ticket form

4. Fill ticket form and send it

What it does :

Send to customer a ticket email notification using admin email address as a sender

Assign Administrator as assigned to ticket

What it should do :

Send to customer a ticket email notification using customer care  email address as a sender

As a feature request, i think that sender identity manager would be great.



And of course assign ticket  customer care staff ( i forgot to mention it ) 🙂

Any progress on this? I am having the same or similar problem. Is there a way to set a default user for all tickets other than the admin?

Did this ever get resolved / implemented?

I have posted about it many times with no reply.

If customer selects ticket type (on embedded form), then the default assigned staff for that ticket type should get notified.

However it is always admin who gets assigned and notified.

Thank you.

Moving this over to Bug Reports. It will be looked into soon!

Pleased to say (for anyone who stumbles on this thread) that the latest update has fixed this.

Now in “settings, ticket types” there is a staff member to choose.

This means that all tickets can come through the 1 IMAP account(eg and depending on ticket type selection, they will indeed get notified to who you want 🙂

Thanks for fixing this.

Glad thsi is finally fixed. There was some confusion around the default staff member in the IMAP/POP3 account and a default for each ticket type.

The forum ‘Bug Reports’ is closed to new topics and replies.

UCM-TEVOtickets always assigned to admin.