Ticket notification emails to user's personal email accounts

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At the moment I see “Send notifications of new tickets to this address”. This is 1 email address for all tickets.

We have a few users/departments who deal with different tickets.
sales@ is dealt with by John and Sally.
support@ is dealt with by Fred

It would be good if different users/groups can have notifications to their personal accounts.

Also “Default Assigned Staff Members” for tickets – could we select more than 1 user for a ticket account? So John + Sally (or select a group that John and Sally are in) for sales@
And then hopefully for them to all receive a notification when there’s a new sales@ ticket.

Many thanks

(P.S., also reply emails from sales@ and from support@ – would be nice instead of all from the same address but we can manage for now.)

No feedback on this?

Notifications from each department go to different personal email addresses?
It is a dealbreaker and as such as have not yet purchased this software….please advise. Thank you.

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welshdemonTicket notification emails to user's personal email accounts