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I’m trying to view a resolved ticket in my system. I set the system up, I should have the highest level of credentials possible since I set it up AND am the only admin here. But when I try to view this ticket I get “Ticket Access Denied”

WHY?! 🙂

I wanted to add, I looked in the DB. I am the assigned user and apparent owner yet I cannot access this ticket.

Did this happen after a customer was deleted? If you have access to the database again please look to see if there is a ‘customer_id’ entry for that particular ticket. If that customer no longer exists please let me know what happened and we can fix the bug (eg: was the customer deleted, renamed, moved, etc..)

That totally was the problem. I was moving too fast in the system a while ago, thought I was deleting an invoice but I ended up deleting a customer. Which by the way, is there any way we can dis-associate customers with websites when it comes to deletion? I lost over 20 websites when I was stupid enough to delete a customer. I added back the customer and changed the customer_id in the ucm_ticket table to the new ID for that previously deleted customer and it all worked out.

Thanks for the help!

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paryguyTicket access denied