Three contact questions

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Hello –

I’ve been searching the faq, the wiki, and the forums for this, to no avail, so please don’t suppose I’m a slacker. I’m having difficulty figuring out how to work with contacts, and here are examples of what I’m struggling with:

  1. Lets say joe sends email, and a ticket is created for him as the contact. Since he is part of an existing company, I want him to be a contact under that customer. However, I don’t see how to make that association.

    I tried adding him as a contact to the customer, but that just adds a second contact record for him which is associated with the customer, but not associated with the ticket that was created when he sent email.

  2. Now lets say that Ted is not only a contact for his heating company, but he is also the contact for a local church. Again, I don’t see how to make both associations, and the only choice is to create a second contact for him.
  3. Finally lets say Mary Lou is a website client of mine. However, she is also a graphic designer who creates logos for me, making her a vendor. Again, I don’t see how to associate this one contact as a vendor and as a customer without creating a redundant contact record.

As well thought-out as this system is, I can’t believe duplicating a contact along with his/her address, phone, email, etc. That would mean I would first have to remember there are three records for the same person, and then edit each one, hoping I don’t miss one or mistype it in a record.

I realize the developer is busy with his newly expanded family, but maybe somebody that’s been using UCM for awhile can answer? Will somebody tell me how to do these three things?


I think what you are talking about is generally along the same lines of what I was looking into with having multiple contacts associated with different websites/projects/etc. and thusly, have different roles as well.

From what I have attempted, I don’t think UCM can do that at this point without adding multiple “users” with the different roles/etc. Perhaps this will be something developed, if anyone else has had any luck I would be interested in knowing as well!

I agree there needs to be a way to link things together better.

I would like save a ticket contact as a vendor.
If there are “extra fields” in the tickets (which there are as I created forms and extra fields for vendors to fill in) then ideally save these details on to their “vendor” record. (Anyone know of a way to do this?)

I guess common sense would also suggest that their “vendor” record would also have links to any tickets they’ve created but I don’t need this myself, however other people might.

For #2, you would create two customer accounts (heating company and church) and list him as the primary contact for both. When you do this for the second one and save it, it gives you an option towards the bottom to link/connect those two contacts. Then when they login in, they will have access to both customers (assuming that is listed in the user roles). I now have successfully added a few contacts that are part of multiple customers.

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