This is how you setup Google Apps mail relay

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I’ve had problems with Gmail and have been using my servers mail function, but I finally fixed it for me at least.

Gmail routing was working but then broke & a few other folks here seemed to have the same problem.

here are the settings that are working for me;

Google Apps settings;

Find and add a relay service.

SMTP relay service
Locally applied

allow internal servers to route SMTP
Allowed senders: Only addresses in my domains
Only accept mail from the specified IP addresses: Yes
Allowed IP addresses:
Require SMTP Authentication: Yes
Require TLS encryption: Yes

Go to UCM Pro and use these settings;

Use SMTP when sending emails from this system No
SMTP hostname
SMTP Security Y
Use SMTP authentication TLS
SMTP Username
SMTP Password Password

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slidsterThis is how you setup Google Apps mail relay