Templates : quote_email {QUOTE_TASKS}

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Has anyone had success getting the {QUOTE_TASKS} tag to work correctly in emails? I have also tried the {TASK_LIST} from the quote_external and quote_pdf templates and get the same results. Essentially the email just displays the tag, not the table with the list of tasks in it. Essentially I’m just trying to get the quote_task_list table into a quote email with a link requesting the approve the quote so I can then turn it into a job, or make any chances required.

If I create a job, I can successfully email that job with the list of tasks, but there is no ability to require approval once its a job rather than a quote.

If you can send through a support ticket we can try to get this template tag added into the next update. It shouldn’t be too hard.

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StephenTemplates : quote_email {QUOTE_TASKS}