Target: New Window not working in Custom Data WYSIWYG editor

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This is a very minor bug, but I have a module that I created with Custom Data that I use the WYSIWYG editor to display a weblink. I set the URL to open “IN NEW WINDOW” but it continues to open in the same window. This is more of a minor inconvenience as I just don’t want to lose the UCM page when I click on the links. If you are able to provide a fix that would be great!

Also, if it is easy in Custom Data to create a URL field (and have it open in another page) so that we don’t need to use the WYSIWYG editor for just a URL that would be great!’


Didn’t know if this bug was looked into yet?

Just thought I would mention this is still an active minor bug.

Also, under the “field types” in Custom Data (as you are creating new fields), it lists html as a field type. This should be renamed wysiwyg – if you type “html” in the field type it doesn’t work, but if you type “wysiwyg” as the field type it does work.

Listing “html” as an active field type might confuse people as it actually is not an active field type.

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savioTarget: New Window not working in Custom Data WYSIWYG editor