System Companies: Sort Finances

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I like the feature that you can put multiple system companies in the system for those that use the system with multiple lines of business. I know it’s in beta, but I would like to see a filter set up under Finances (and maybe for Jobs and Invoices too) so that you can list only the items for the company you want. This would be very useful come tax season.

For example, if I have two companies (Company A and Company B), I would like to be able to pull up the Finance tab and be able to see all of Company A’s finances without it being mingled in with Company B.

Companies added to Finance section in most recent update.

You can assign a Finance item to a Customer, and this will link the Finance item to the Customer Company. Or you can link a Finance item directly to a Company.

If you are creating a finance item for a customer I would recommend leaving the finance ‘Company’ item as default so that the system will use whatever Company has been assigned to the customer.

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