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I ran the upgrade script on my site on October 13th.

Since then the site hasn’t been able to login to the email account I setup for tickets. I have compared the settings in Outlook and it was able to connect without issue.

I’m on Version 2.751 and the error message I get is as follows:

Connecting to {}INBOX

Warning: imap_open(): Couldn’t open stream {}INBOX in /home/mydomain/public_html/PM/includes/plugin_ticket/ticket.php on line 2626 Failed to connect when checking for support ticket emails.Can not authenticate to POP3 server: [AUTH] Authentication failed.

I’ve tried several different ports: 110, 143, 25, 26 and they’ve all quit working on my server since the upgrade on the 13th.

I would really appreciate some help on this.


Are you connecting through IMAP or POP? Also what version of PHP is running on the server?

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