Subscriptions Qty and Date fields empty

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When an invoice is generated automatically from a subscription the Qty and Date fields are left empty.

Would be easy to ensure these are populated I imagine.

Date should be straightforward.

Qty would be safe to assume it is always going to be “1”?

Would it work to make subscription invoices be task type of “Amount Only” with just an amount (and no quantity at all)?

Yes adding date should be ok to do as well.

I would assume so as the “Amount” by default is always going to be 1. The way that the subscription model works is it creates 1 instance of the subscription each time.

I guess anything is better than just having empty fields for the date and the quantity (if you agree)?


Did anything get done with this as it is listed as “resolved” yet a raft of subscriptions just got created and they all still had no date or quantity on them?

Can’t see it being hard to just set the quantity to default “1” for subscriptions (as each subscription is always for 1 item, and just add the create date…


Yep try the latest update. It has the date in them. The task type is set to “Amount Only” so from now on there wont be any “Qty/Hrs” column showing, however I’ll see if it’s possible to add a new option for choosing the task type between “Amount Only” and “Quantity/Amount” so that the qty of 1 will show on the invoice.


Yeah that would be useful please!


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jamesbarrellSubscriptions Qty and Date fields empty