Subscriptions problems / Dashboard Alerts

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Hi David,

I’ve created numerous tickets about this issue over the last couple of months and had no response so not sure if you have received them or not…

There is still a couple of issues with subscriptions as follows:

1. When using a subscription with a limited number of renewals, once the subscription reaches its maximum number of renewals there are a few issues: it still shows the subscription on the Dashboard > Subscriptions Due tab, it also shows the subscription in Finance > Upcoming Payments.

Is a solution to this to maybe uncheck the subscription now it has ended? If doing this what would happen if the subscription needed to be recommenced?

2. Permission issues with subscriptions: In Settings > User Roles > “role”. Over at the right hand side is User Permissions. One of the checkboxes is for “Show Dashboard Alerts”. When this is checked for the “role” I have set up called “Client” it allows a logged in client to see all subscriptions for all customers even though it should only show their own subscriptions.

Also there seems to be a general issue with the dashboard alerts for a “client”. I have logged in as a client and the only 2 tabs that show on the dashboard are “Incomplete Job” and “Subscriptions Due”. None of the other tabs seem to display even though the logged in client has overdue invoices, job renewals, invoices due, automatic invoice renewals etc.. I have the correct checkboxes checked under Permissions for the role of client as the client can see everything in the left menu (Invoices / Jobs) they just don’t display on the Dashboard Alerts like they should do.

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jamesbarrellSubscriptions problems / Dashboard Alerts