Subscription Recur Limit

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So say if the client has a subscription that should run for 12 months at monthly intervals we could set up the subscription (as now) but with the addition of being able to apply a number of times to renew the subscription.

To explain: I’ve set up a subscription in the settings area to repeat every month, with automatic renew and automatic email. Then I have gone to the website area of the particular client and ticked the subscription – all works great, tells me that it will run every month from today, tells me the next due date and when the subscription will renew as well as the link to the invoice below it.

What would be great though is if there was a way to say enter a number for the maximum times it should then renew, so I could enter into an input field “12” and not have to worry about checking in 12 months time whether I have sent 1 too many invoices out if the subscription gets to 13 renews…


This is in the latest update.


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jamesbarrellSubscription Recur Limit