Subscription Due on Dashboard

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i set up subscription as mentioned here and everything seems to work. On the dashboard i can see SUBSCRIPTION DUE(1) which is fine, but HOW do i send/start the invoice? if i click on it, i can see the subscription-name (a website, the customer, automatic renewal, automatic Email, the due-date (which was TODAY) and the day count) – BUT i do not receive an email-invoice. i also started the CRON-job manually…nothing happens.

did i get something wrong?

huh? nobody here?
hope to get this solved as i can´t use the script with that thing not working….

oh, it´s everytime i nice feeling if one can solve the problem. and everytime a poor thing for the quality of a SUPPORT forum. sorry.

i solved the problem with the automatic subscription emails which show off in the dashboard but do not send. under SETTINGS -> ADVANCED (Einstellungen -> Erweitert) simply change the value for invoice_automatic_after_time from 700 to 1.

hope this helps.

Yes the support could be bit better as well as documentation.

Hi lonwi,

Sorry this support thread was solved. If you have an issue related to this question please let us know, alternatively please feel free to open a new thread with any questions.


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hajonolteSubscription Due on Dashboard