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Really excited that UCM has a FAQ section and one that can be embedded via an iframe on m web page.

I am wondering if there is a way to stylize the look of the FAQ, as well as the width. I would also like to have the embedded iframe flow vertically automatically with the page itself, so that it does not have a second vertical scroll bar on the page. I am trying to embed the FAQ on a support page of my main site – the UCM is on a subdomain. Has anyone been able to accomplish the stylization of the embedded FAQ and the elimination of the double scrolls?

Thanks so much!

There’s a basic WordPress plugin here:

It allows this sort of embedding, which you can easily style with CSS:

If you’re not running WordPress you could look through the PHP code listed above and convert it into a non-WordPress FAQ plugin for your website.

Thanks so much…I noticed for the embedded ticket form, you mentioned that you could view source in webpage and stylize that code….would that not work for the FAQ too? I am not running a WordPress Site 🙁

Nah it’s not the same as tickets sorry. All embedded stuff uses the ‘external_template’ under Settings > Template. You can add CSS code in there, but it may change other things (like the embedded ticket page etc..)

Gotcha – thanks so much for letting me know!
Working on a redesign of my site and hoping to have both of those on the main site and match the look within a page – so this is a big help!

Just an update, there is now a non-wordpress version of the FAQ system for those wanting more control over the layout on their website:

thank you so much!

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savioStyle Embedded FAQ link in page