Stripe Receipt to client and job quesiton..

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I am just getting started with this.

I like it a lot!

Does this generate an automatic receipt to a client when they pay with Stripe ?

Also, how can I just use this for invoices and not use it to do JOBS and then invoicing.. ???


You are more than welcome to skip jobs and just go to Customer > Invoice > and click “New Manual Invoice” up the top.

There is no automatic email upon payment receipt just yet – good idea – I’ll see what is involved in setting this up.


i am just trying to figure out the workflow of this.. i wanted to just email an invoice to a client, … and tested the email, but was having trouble with the getting the JOB and TITLE of the invoice to show without filling out a JOB..

Yes without a “Job” or a “Website” assigned to an invoice then some of the template fields will not come through in the PDF Invoice or Invoice Email. All the customer fields (name/address/etc..) will still be available.

If you can post a screenshot of what the Invoice/Email looks like now and maybe highlight the fields that are not present we can assist.

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eberswineStripe Receipt to client and job quesiton..