Stripe not updating "Paid" date

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Paypal is working great, it automatically changes the status to PAID and fills in the appropriate timestamp of the date.

Stripe for some reason doesn’t change the status or fill in the date, so one has to click the appropriate date and then save to have the customer invoice status updated.

Not sure if this is a bug or what ? Thanks.

+1 to this

Every time a client pays via Stripe it says (pending) and I always have to check my stripe account to see whether the payment went through or not.

Seems like a bug. Anyone?

Seems to be working here, I had a Stripe payment come through yesterday.

Has it ever worked?

Please feel free to contact us with a support ticket, we can login and change your Stripe keys over to our “testing” keys and put a test payment through to debug the issue.

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eberswineStripe not updating "Paid" date