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Hi David,
Here is a new idea that could be interesting for all those who have to handle some stock and inventory for their customers: integrate an stock management plugin, let me explain :

This plugin could allow to import a list of material / device like :
Category / Product name / sku / date of entry / serial number / stock position (warehouse, store 1, store 2, refurb etc.. / status (in stock, linked to customer.. for example.

Then you can link any product to a customer by its serial number and know where are dispatched their items, add new material.

A bit specific, but can be useful to the community.

If interested, can design you mock ups so it’s clearer

PS. I have a warning on my ucm saying i’m using the same serial number. The fact is that i use one as production base, the other one as a live environment test. Still as promised, just bought another license 😉

Cheers ,


This would be an extremely handy feature! Currently, we are using a separate stock system, but it would be much better to keep it all under one roof.

Hey all,

Basic Inventory Management is now available in UCM Pro.

Click here for details.


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