SSL site seal on stripe check out page ?

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How to get my site seal on this page ?
( would be nice to set up as a child theme too ) so it doesn’t get effected by updates.


See image for page.

Try creating a folder called “custom/includes/plugin_paymethod_stripe/pages/” in the main UCM directory.

Then try copying the file “includes/plugin_paymethod_stripe/pages/stripe_form.php” over to “custom/includes/plugin_paymethod_stripe/pages/stripe_form.php”.

This is a way to create modifications to particular files without affecting the main system. Just keep in mind that if you see an upgrade to “stripe” then you might have to copy the updated “stripe_form.php” file over your custom one (and re-add the site seal) to get any newly released features.

Let me know if that doesn’t work for any reason and we can investigate why.


For some reason the changes I make to the “custom…/stripe_form.php” isn’t taking change ?

I’ve just tried it here and it seems to be working on this copy of UCM. The changes I made were to about line 70 near this:

<h1><?php echo htmlspecialchars($description);?></h1>

You’re welcome to send through a support ticket with temporary FTP and UCM login details if you would like us to take a look.

There it is! Forgot the /includes/ folder.. user error once again!

After a Stripe payment, do I ( the admin ) get an email saying someone payed ?

How do I check that ?

For now you should get an email from stripe, but very shortly we will be adding an email from ucm as well (so you might then get two emails when a payment is made).

Couldn’t they just add

if ($paySucessVar) {
mail(‘’, ‘Payment Made’, “You have received a payment from “.$userVar.” on “.date(“m/d/Y”).”for the amount of “.$amountVar);
} else {
mail(‘’, ‘Payment Unsuccessful’, “The payment from “.$userVar.” on “.date(“m/d/Y”).”for the amount of “.$amountVar. ” was unsuccessful”);

to the same form after submit?

NOTE: The variables are NOT actual variables to the system, this is just an example!

I am answering from my phone so I did not look at the files, although sending an email after the payment should be easy.

Once I get back to the office I will look at the files more closely and see what I can come up with. This is pretty basic, I have about 3800 customers that are on auto re-occurring billing and I am moving everything over to this system. This is something that should be in the basic feature set.

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eberswineSSL site seal on stripe check out page ?